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We offer a range of flag accessories to meet most situations, including Flagpoles, Stands, Fittings and other Accessories.


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We stock a range of flagpoles to suit the most popular flag sizes:




We stock a range of stands that fit our flagpoles to suit most situations:






Weight Bags

Flagpole Fittings & Accessories


We offer a number of flagpole fittings to suit the type of flag to be flown.


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Elastic Hook                Pole Knuckles                  Flag Clip                          Weight Bags                                 Carry Bag

Flagpole Stands


We offer a number of flagpole stand options depending on your location and where your flag will be flown.  We recommend

in-ground flagpole rotators, but other options are available.


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In-Ground Rotator Peg, with ground Pipe


Sizes: 17mm & 25mm

Metal Base Stand and Rotator / Car Stand


Size: 400mm x 300mm

Cross-Bar Rotator Stand

with 15 litre Water Bag

Wall Bracket Rotator Pegs

      0 degrees

      25 degrees

      90 degrees



We offer a range of flagpole options to suit the variety of flags that we produce.


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Aluminium & Fibreglass Flagpoles


Sizes: 2.6m, 3m, 4m, 4.5m

Reinforced Fibreglass Flagpoles


Size: 3m and 5.9m

Fibreglass Telescopic Flagpoles


Sizes: 5m or 6m

Flagpole Stand Weight Bags


We offer a number of flagpole stand weight bags to suit your situation.


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    Two Handle Black Weight Bag                Circular Water Bag                                             Circular Weight Bag

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